April 9, 2015

About the Author and the Blog


Hi! I am glad to welcome you on my blog, and hope you become a regular here!

Who am I?

I am Tigran Arzumanov, originally from Armenia, currently living in Basel, Switzerland. My interests are music, languages, travel, meeting interesting people and learning new ideas.

Why did I start this blog? 

We live in a strange world. A world where we go to school and learn a lot of facts about the world we live in. Yet we learn very little about how we think and how we interact with other people.

Inability to maintain positive outlook on life, to build relationships with our partners, colleagues and relatives cost us dearly in private and business lives.

Each of us tries to find a way in life. Some live the life they fall into without trying to change it. Others keep looking around them, learning how to do things better. And psychology is finally keeping up, producing research that studies ways in which we can improve our lives rather than finding what is wrong with us.

But it’s hard to keep up – there’s a lot of research. Besides, when was the last time you read a peer reviewed paper in a scientific journal? Or finished a psychology book?

My mission is to seek out new concepts in positive psychology and bring them to you in a way that won’t leave you bored.

I will share with you my understanding of these concepts and my world view.


I welcome your comments and want to hear from you! I will try to reply when I can. Just a couple of rules. I am a strong believer that discussion should focus on the topic, not the personalities of the people having the discussion. Also, please note that while I respect all religions, this blog is meant to stay outside of the discussion on religion/faith, and I will moderate your comments accordingly.

 How to get in touch with me

Please write to me at tigran {dot} arzumanov{at}gmail{dot}com. I read and answer all my emails.


I do not claim to be always right. I do not know everything. My thoughts are just that, my thoughts. Hopefully they will help you, but maybe they won’t. That’s OK. Hopefully, this blog will be one more building block in your understanding of the world we live in.

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