April 12, 2015

The power of metathinking – your thoughts and emotions harnessed

If you are here, chances are you already have thought about this. But this is so important that I don’t want to take any chances.

We grow up with no reason to challenge own thoughts and emotions. For the most part we think that what we think and what we feel is who we are. The truth, however, is that our thoughts and  emotions and our feeling of inner self can be separated.

I first realized this years ago, when I started working in sales and marketing.

I prepared what I thought was a beautifully worded sales document with a great image and a call for action.  I really liked it and thought everyone else will. But my business partner didn’t… Undeterred,  I showed my document to friends, clients, to my wife, looking for a confirmation that my vision is the right one.  But, to my surprise, most people I spoke to didn’t like my document either.

I had to prepare another document. And abandon the one that I thought was perfect. Luckily, I learned later in life that there is always more than one type of perfect. And you don’t have to sacrifice your opinion for someone else’s, because in most cases you can find something that works for everybody.

Nevertheless, I will never forget the feeling when I realized that something I think is right with all my heart is actually wrong. And I think a lot of people never have a moment like this in their lives. Yet having the ability to recognize that you may be wrong is an enormous asset and the foundation of personal growth. You will make far fewer mistakes in your life if you have the ability to distance yourself from your thoughts and ask yourself, is there a chance I am wrong here?

And once you can start the process of separating yourself from your thoughts and emotions, this is where it starts getting really interesting. Because you are now ready to accept thoughts and ideas which will make your life much, much easier. You know, of the type that my blog will keep bringing you.

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