August 26, 2018

Taking a day off – and some interesting links


Hey all,

I am taking a day off today, much like the panda in the picture above. What’s a rule without exception? I just decided today that I won’t be writing an article. Kind of like a holiday. I won’t be advertising this article – so if you turn up to read it, I know you are one of my very dedicated readers. Thanks for sticking with me.

Don’t worry though – I won’t leave you without things to read.

Things that impressed me this week:

Mark Manson’s article about Kant. Apparently you either make the ‘ah’ in ‘Kant’ extra long or pronounce it as ‘can’t’ – to make sure you are not accidentally swearing when citing Kant’s name.

Katerina Akulich – specialist in behaviour modification and habit generation. There’s a great interview with her in Russian available here – Google Translate does an amazing job these days.

The whole Trump situation this week  – I think he finally hit the wall, with Manafort convicted and Cohen making a plea bargain. Reassuring to know that even Trump can’t get away with everything.

Lots of interesting things coming up, so stay tuned!

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